Senior Leadership Team

Staff Role
Ms N Scott Acting Executive Head Teacher
Miss J. Pereira Deputy Head Teacher
Miss M. Alexander Acting Assistant Head Teacher

Class-based teachers

Nursery Role
Ms R. Hatziefstratiou and Miss H. Tucker Teachers
Miss L. Lara Teaching Assistant
Reception Role
Miss L. Bohane Teacher
Miss S. Nessa Teaching Assistant
Class 1 Role
Mrs J. Donald Teacher
Mrs L. Charlery Teaching Assistant
Class 2 Role
Mrs K. Davies Teacher
Mr S. Balkeesoon Teaching Assistant
Class 3 Role
Miss E. Samson Teacher
Mrs L. Isaacs Teaching Assistant
Class 4 Role
Mrs S. Edgar-Charles Teacher
Mrs T. Woolward Teaching Assistant
Class 5 Role
Mrs D. Corriette Teacher
Miss S. Harvey Teaching Assistant
Class 6 Role
Mrs S. D’Cruz Teacher
Mrs. M. Kalyabe Teaching Assistant

Ms Hatziefstratiou covers teachers’ PPA (Planning, Preparation & Assessment) time teaching music to all year groups.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Cox (Senco) will also work with individual/groups of children with special education needs.

Office Staff

Staff Role
Miss P. Cahill School Business Manager
Mrs G. Riste Office Assistant

Maintenance Staff

Staff Role
Mr M. Pritchard Site supervisor
Mrs C. Lipovicianu, Mrs R. Weerakone, Mrs A. Said, Mr A. Fazelkhan Cleaners